• Why Gensets?

Where are Gensets used?

They are usable at any place that requires electricity.

What does a Genset consist of?

Genset consists of a diesel engine and an alternator, coupled and mounted on a common base frame with batteries, fuel tank, control panel and a silencer.

Which types of fuel can be used to run Gensets?

Gensets commonly run on high-speed diesel. They can also run on natural gas, combination of HSD and natural gas and certain heavy fuel oils.

What approvals are required to run a Genset?

  • Local Electricity Board
  • Electrical Inspectorate
  • State/Central Pollution Control Board

What are the different types of control panels used in Gensets?

  • Manual control panel – The DG set is started and loaded manually.
  • Auto Main’s Failure Panel – In this panel; the main supply is monitored and in case of supply failure the Genset starts automatically and the load is transferred to the Genset. When the main supply is restored the load is transferred to the mains and the DG is shut down.
  • Synchronizing Panel – These panels are used where 2 or more Gensets are required to run in parallel.

Are Acoustic Enclosures required?

As per CPCB norms (for noise from DG sets) all DG sets of rated capacity of up to 1000 kVA should be provided with integral acoustic enclosures at the manufacturing stage itself. For DG sets above 1000 kVA, the noise is to be controlled either by providing an acoustic enclosure or by acoustic treatment of room at the user’s end.

Who installs Gensets?

Supernova can undertake installation and commissioning job on turnkey basis or only supervision job as per customer’s choice.

Who does after sales service of Gensets?

Supernova has a full-fledged product support department with countrywide service and spares network to take care of after sales service.

What guarantees are applicable to Gensets?

For SMR range: Supernova Gensets carry a warranty against defective workmanship and material for a period of 24 months from date of dispatch from our factory or 2500 hrs of operation, whichever occurs earlier (subject to certain terms and conditions).

For SHR Range: As per standard warranty terms.

What spares need to be stocked?

We recommend stocking of only routine maintenance spares such as filters.

What is the schedule for maintenance?

Filters, fuel and lubricating oil to be replaced every 300 hours of operation. Daily, weekly and monthly checks also to be performed.

What are the specific ratings of DG Sets?

  • Prime Power Rating
  • Prime power rating corresponds to ISO Standard power for continuous operation. It is applicable for supplying electrical power at variable load for an unlimited number of hours instead of commercially purchased power. A 10% overload capability is available with this rating.

  • Standby Power Rating
  • Standby Power rating corresponds to ISO Fuel Stop power. It is applicable for supplying standby electrical power at variable load in areas with well-established electrical networks, in the event of power failure. No overload capability is available with this rating.


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