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The Control and System Engineering Division of Supernova enables the Customers to put to efficient use their Diesel Electric Genset by interfacing it with the rest of system existing in customers plant. This interface called as CONTROL SYSTEMS helps the customer not only to guide and monitor the flow of Power to reach the exact point of use but also protects his valuable assets Supernova has achieved the distinction of designing such systems for various industries, commercial establishments, hospitals etc. Since this is the most important component of the system. Supernova has evolved a separate division with a large contingent of highly skilled engineers to develop these systems as per the requirement and operational logic desired by each customer based on Customer usage of the DG set. The Control Engineering Division of Supernova can design, manufacture, test and supply all types of Control Systems. These are broadly classified as - Manual Control Systems Auto Mains Failure Systems- Auto Start. Auto Synchronizing and Load Sharing Systems Grid Synchronizing Systems- Base Load/ Peak Shaving PLC based Systems remote Monitoring Systems These are available in both Low Tension (380 Vor 415V) and High Tension (3.3/ 6.6/11KV) The Control Systems provides total protection to the Generating Set against various internal or external faults -Electrical or Mechanical The Mechanical (engine) faults which are normally protected are-Low Lub Oil Pressure / High Cooling Water Temperature / Over speed / Over and Under Frequency. The Electrical Faults- High Winding Temp / Differential / Earth Faults / Overload / under load / Phase Imbalance etc. Illustrations of various types of Panels engineered by Supernova

Control Systems


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